Ground Penetrating Radar

Private Utility Locating   

We locate private utilities for 
Wyoming and the surrounding 
area through the use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Induction.
Business hours are Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. 
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​​Nunn Utility Locating is based in Casper, Wyoming. We provide innovative and accurate private utility locating services to prevent danger resulting from damage to underground utilities. 
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Public Vs. Private Utilities

Public utilities are all underground main lines or lines up to the meter. Your local 811 One Call system will locate all public utilities for free. ​However, if you have a curbside meter then nothing on your property will be located because it is considered private. 

Private utilities are all underground lines after the meter or main line. Some examples of private utilities include sprinkler systems, communication lines, water or sewer lines, and gas or electric lines to additional buildings on your property.

Industry statistics suggest that 65% of all underground utilities are private and not located by One Call. 

  1. Pipe and Cable Line Locator
    Electromagnetic Induction Technology
    Pipe & Cable Locator's are hand held electromagnetic induction utility locating equipment. Pipe & Cable Locators are great for locating electrical, fiber optic and gas lines. However, they are not without limitation. Pipe & Cable Locators can only detect metallic lines, all other lines will go undetected. For more information see our services page.
  2. GPR Ground Penetrating Radar Utility Detection
    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Technology
    GPR is innovative technology that has significantly expanded the range of utilities that can be located. Unlike the standard Pipe & Cable Locator, GPR is able to locate both metallic and nonmetallic underground utilities. However, soil type and condition heavily influence the accuracy of GPR. For more information see our services page.