Ily Nunn is the Owner/Operator of NU Locating.
Ily is certified in electromagnetic locating and GPR through Staking University. 
It all started when Ily's husband, who works as an engineer, began to notice a problem. For Ily, 
her carreer path would forever change with one phone call. Over a period of about 4 months Ily listened
intently to her husband's weary tales of unmarked utilities on job sites and near misses. It became clear that private utility locators were hard to come by in Wyoming. Many times, the only option was to hire an out of state locating company or risk hitting an unknown line. It was September 2015 when, over a lunch break phone call, Ily's husband convinced her to take the leap and start a utility locating company. 
Over the next 8 months NU Locating began to take shape. Ily completed numerous certification courses and joined the WTBC Start Up Challenge where NU Locating was chosen as one of three finalists. During that time, we took the feedback of Engineers, Contractors, Municipalities and Property Owners and developed a strategy to meet their utility locating needs. We started out as a private utility locating company but through the use of ground penetrating radar (GPR), we have been able to expand our services to include void detection, concrete inspection, road and bridge inspection and much more. 

NU Locating is a utility locating and subsurface investigation company based in Casper, WY. Currently we are the only GPR service provider in the state and we provide utility locating and subsurface investigation services in Wyoming and the surrounding area. We are committed to promoting safety on your job site and providing answers to your questions about what lies beneath the surface!