Lava Flow Bedrock​​​ Investigation
NU Locating used GPR to provide data for mapping the topography of a shallow lava flow bedrock layer. This data helped pinpoint difficult areas across the site needing to be addressed during the planning phase of a development project.
Utilty River Crossing  
Electromagnetic locating equipment and GPR was used to determine the position and depth of utilities as they crossed beneath a river. This information allowed the client to calculate the amount of soil cover over each utility and determine which utilities were a concern.
Private Electrical
NU Locating was hired to locate private electrical not covered by one call at a rural property. This conduit turned up just feet away from where major excavation was occuring. With the help of a shovel we were able to confirm our location and depth data!
Fuel Station Utility Investigation
After One Call located all public utilities, NU Locating used Electromagnetic locating equipment and GPR to locate all private utilities, including electrical and product lines beneath the canopy. This allowed for drilling to commence safely.
Cemetary GPR Demonstration
NU Locating was able to successfully locate gravesites containing both coffins and urns through the use of GPR. Mapping historical cemeteries is a great example of the many applications of this technology. 
Empty Conduit Locate 
Electromagnetic locating equipment and a metallic fish-tape were used to locate this empty electrical conduit that had been mistakenly concreted over. NU Locating was able to pinpoint the location of each junction box which allowed minimal damage to the concrete and the completion of the electrical installation.
  1. NU Locating did an excellent job locating this complicated project. They were punctual, accurate, and helpful. It was great having them track along with us as the project progressed so we had a second opinion on the situation. 9 out of 10
    Inberg-Miller Engineers
  2. Very professional. The person on site had a great attitude and worked with our ground person to make sure we were 100% satisfied. Also he really liked the fact that they provided Ground Penetrating Radar to check things. Job WELL DONE! 10 out of 10
    Energy Transportation
  3. Great Service and Performance! 10 out of 10
    Husker Properties, LLC
  4. We at Advanced Geotechnical Solutions highly recommend NU Locating for any project you may have that requires a better understanding of utilities present beneath a project site!
    Advanced Geotechnical Solutions
  1. Fuel Dispensing Lines
    GPR Fuel Dispensing Lines Investigation
    Afton, WY
  2. Private Power
    Private Power Conduit
    Casper, WY
  3. Private Utilities Locate
    Private Utilities Locate
    Vernal, UT
  4. Rebar and Concrete Inspection
    Interior Utility and Rebar Investigation
    Wright, WY
  5. Propane Line Locate
    Residential Propane Line Locate
    Casper, WY
  6. Residential Locate
    Residential Private Utility Locate
    Casper, WY
  7. Commercial Private Utility Locate
    Commercial Private Utility Locate
    Casper, WY
  8. Locates for Survey
    Utility Locate for Survey
    Buffalo, WY